Whirlwind Tech Tour: Linux questions and expert responses

IT professionals discuss best practices and tools for using Linux in the enterprise. Check back weekly for a new question and range of answers.

Welcome to the weekly Whirlwind Tech Tour, a new feature on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com. Each week, we pose a question on a current Linux-in-the-enterprise topic to a team of IT pros a question and post their answers here. In doing so, we intend to promote informed, productive and passionate conversation about the issues that affect Linux professionals. We look forward to receiving your questions at editor@searchenterpriselinux.com.

Which remote server administration tool is best in a Linux server environment? Why?

In what situations would a blade server outperform a standard rack server, and why?

Are there certain conditions under which you have found one Linux distribution to consistently outperform another in an enterprise setting? How so?

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