Uptime Institute Symposium 2011 coverage

The Uptime Institute Symposium, slated to run May 9-12, offers IT professionals an opportunity to keep up with industry best practices through seminars with industry experts.

The challenges of managing a data center change just as fast as the technology that goes into a server room. The annual Uptime Institute Symposium offers IT professionals an opportunity to keep up with industry best practices through a series of seminars and tutorials with industry experts. This year's symposium will focus on disruptive changes, such as cloud computing, virtualization, energy efficiency and trends in data center infrastructure. Check back for continuing coverage of the 2011 Uptime Institute Symposium slated to run May 9-12 in Santa Clara, Calif.


In these podcasts, Steve Bigelow, senior technology editor, sits down with Matt Stansberry, director of content and publications for the Uptime Institute, to discuss some important themes at this year's Uptime Institute Symposium.  

PODCAST: Efficient energy use in the data center
With energy costs continuing to climb, designing and managing a data center for energy efficiency has become increasingly important. However, maximizing energy efficiency in the data center may require reorganizing a budget to give IT teams more financial incentive to reduce energy consumption. In this podcast, learn what technologies are having an effect on energy use in today’s data centers and why the consequences of data center energy use could be keeping some executives from sleeping soundly.

PODCAST: Data center construction alternatives
Expensive data center construction projects aren't the only option when a business needs to expand its computing capabilities. The rapidly increasing demand for resources has made the scalability of public and private cloud services a more attractive option when compared to costly builds. In this podcast, find out why a little capacity planning can save a lot of money and what type of company is best suited for container-based data centers.


Check back for TechTarget's news coverage of the 2011 Uptime Institute Symposium, from Santa Clara, Calif., starting May 9.

ASHRAE okays hotter data centers
New recommendations from the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers allow for significantly wider data center temperature ranges. Higher tolerances open the door for expanded use of air-side economizers, potentially reducing cooling costs.

Google leads by example in data center energy efficiency 
A Google executive shares his company's guidelines for achieving ultra-low data center PUE, and invites other data centers to replicate its money-saving results.

Schneider touts data center ‘modules’: News in brief
Talk of modular data centers and energy management software dominated news from the Uptime Institute Symposium last week.  


In this series of articles and podcasts, we touch upon topics that will be prominent at the Uptime Institute Symposium, such as energy efficiency and changing trends in data center infrastructure. 

Data center efficiency: Which tactics are worth the cost?
There are many steps you can take to improve energy efficiency, but some are more effective than others. Find out which tactics will maximize return on investment, and which will lead to small savings. 

How server consolidation can benefit your data center
Read about the benefits of server consolidation, which include greater computing efficiency, lower power and cooling costs and the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical servers.

Measuring server energy efficiency
System administrators face the ugly reality of rising energy costs coupled with increased computing needs, which is why it is important to accurately measure energy efficiency in the data center.

Air flow management strategies for efficient data center cooling
Increase cooling efficiency by reducing air flow waste. Air flow management strategies, such as hot- and cold-aisle containment and blanking panels, can help prevent the mixing of cool air with warm air, improveing data center cooling and reducing air conditioning needs. 

Sizing computer room air conditioners for data center energy efficiency
Choosing the wrong size computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit can either lead to inadequate cooling, or wasted energy. This tip will help you pick the right CRAC for your facility.

Will a transformerless UPS work for your data center?
Which is a more effective choice for your data center: transformerless or transformer-based uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)? This tip details the differences between the two and explains why the transformerless UPS has come to dominate the market.

Incorporating adiabatic humidification into your data center
Adiabatic humidification is a more energy-efficient means of providing humidity to data centers, and this tip outlines the steps to incorporating it into your data center.

Data center facilities design for IT: E-book
Bridging the communication gap between facilities managers and IT professionals can help maintain a productive and efficient data center. This e-book can serve as a guide for IT pros looking to ensure their companies' physical infrastructures support the data center. 

Chiller optimization for data center infrastructure
Improving chilled water plant efficiency is an important step in building an energy-efficient data center. In this series of tips, an expert shares his knowledge on how to optimize cooling production and improve efficiency.

Getting the IT and facilities relationship on track
When facilities and IT professionals aren't on the same page, both departments, and the entire company, can suffer. Learn why communication between these two groups is critical and what can be done to improve this relationship. 

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