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Top 10 data center stories of 2010

The top SearchDataCenter.com stories of the year include IBM's consderations of an OS/2 redo and end users' anger with Oracle and the way it handled Sun.


#1: OS/2 is dead...or is it?

OS/2 lives. At least in the minds of its aficionados.

For an operating system that was maligned during its existence and which IBM officially discontinued more than five years ago, IBM’s OS/2 still draws tons of interest. In fact, a speculative story on whether IBM would re-do OS/2 drew the most SearchDataCenter.com readers last year.

Why the fuss? Despite its troubled life—during which it was co-developed then disrespected by Microsoft—OS/2 attracted fanboys who still cite its object-oriented nature, multithreading, and graphical user interface. Several wrote in with praise of OS/2’s talents.

One, who used OS/2 at work from 1993 till 1995 before “wallowing around with Win 3.1” then moving to Linux, never gave up on OS/2. “I still have a machine running it, more for old time’s sake than anything useful,” he said

In reality, though, none of these correspondents really think IBM will launch an OS/2 redo. 

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