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The top 10 Linux tips of 2010

The top Linux tips of 2010, based on reader data, include five Bash secrets for Linux and getting started with Clonezilla for Linux server disk cloning.

From advice on designing virtual networks with KVM to five Bash secrets on Linux, the most popular Linux tips of the year didn’t skimp on variety. These Linux tips simplified mundane administration tasks by illuminating lesser-known Linux commands and sharing open source technologies. In descending order from number 10 to number one, these are the top Linux tips of 2010, based on reader data.

Tracking Linux server performance with Munin
Leading off the countdown, this tip details Munin, a Linux server performance tracking tool that can create graphical displays of performance data over time. The tool makes tracking data from Linux hosts easy and compiles  the data on a central server.

Using Clonezilla for simplified Linux server disk cloning
The open source tool Clonezilla can clone Linux server disks in less time, and is good for new and experienced admins alike. Learn how it works and what options and configurations are available.

Linux ext4 file system: Performance and compatibility
The ext4 file system is shipped with popular Linux distributions, but when should you use it and how do you maximize performance? This tip shows you how to get started with the ext4 file system for optimal performance.

Designing a Linux virtual network for KVM virtualization
Setting up a Linux virtual network in KVM can be challenging. This popular tip details how to configure virtual and physical network cards for optimal performance on a Linux network with KVM hypervisor.

Linux cloning over the network using netcat
Netcat is considered the Linux Swiss Army Knife – you can do a lot with it. Learn how to use netcat to clone Linux images over the network onto multiple servers with a series of simple Linux commands.

Five things you didn't know Bash could do on Linux
A popular subject with our audience, Bash offers a lot of tools to Linux admins, and it may take you years to learn them all. James Turnbull shows you five lesser-known Bash scripts for your Linux systems including extended globbing and cdspell shell options.

Installing Ubuntu 9.10 and the Eucalyptus enterprise cloud computing platform
Linux is becoming increasingly prevalent in the cloud. This tip details installing Ubuntu 9.10 server edition with Eucalyptus enterprise cloud and setting it up to manage applications on AWS or other infrastructure services.

Getting started with OpenVAS
The open source network security scanner OpenVAS has useful features for your Linux system. Learn how to install and set up OpenVAS in your data center from source on a Linux server.

Five Linux performance commands every admin should know
Linux expert James Turnbull shared his five favorite Linux performance commands, including iostat, which make managing performance on your Linux server a cinch.

Using common Linux mail clients with an Exchange Server
Our number one tip of 2010 is an updated version of a tip we’ve had on the site for a while. Serdar Yegulalp shows you how to begin set up Linux mail clients to talk to Exchange.

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