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Open source virtualization and cloud computing were hot topics at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World event, in Boston, Mass.

The 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference is underway in Boston, Mass., offering IT professionals a chance to attend seminars and demonstrations that provide a look into the future of open source enterprise technologies. This year's event will focus on many different open source issues, including cloud computing, virtualization and management technologies Check back for our continuing coverage of the Red Hat, JBoss World event, as it happens, from May 3 - 6, in Boston. 

Red Hat Summit 2011: Top five takeaways
For those who couldn't be there, be sure to catch up on the important themes discussed at the event with an overview of the top takeaways from the Red Hat Summit 2011, including what Red Hat has to say about its place on the cloud. 

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Red Hat Summit 2011: Focus on virtualization
At the Red Hat Summit 2011, the company previewed Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 and went on the offensive against VMware.

Red Hat KVM deployments face uphill battle
A year after Red Hat declared sole allegiance to KVM, many shops still face logistical hurdles to putting the Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor into production.

Red Hat gives Windows the boot with RHEV 3.0
Red Hat will shift its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization management server from Windows to Java and Linux, answering complaints from users who say the change can't come fast enough.

Red Hat bolsters RHEL support with portal, automated data collection
RHEL 6 will include an automated bug report and tracking tool, answering past complaints about support, and possibly leading to fewer glitches.

Red Hat's halfhearted attempt at cloud
Open source leader Red Hat unveiled new cloud offerings at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, but nothing flashed the potential to stand out in a crowded market.

Cloud computing shift evidenced at Red Hat JBoss World in Boston
Open source's impact on cloud computing development was highlighted at the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World event in Boston this week.

More JBoss World 2011 conference coverage
For additional information on the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World conference, from a different perspective, check out's coverage of the event. Reporting there will focus on topics of particular interest to the SOA community. 


IBM addresses KVM memory overcommit with trial tool
Red Hat and IBM team up to develop RHEL KVM and RHEV together to solve memory overcommit issues.

Cloud schmoud: Red Hat fans just want to lose Windows 
Will Red Hat give the people what they want, in the form of a Window-less Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization release?

Red Hat to improve VM conversion tools
A Red Hat senior software engineer reveals expected improvements to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 virtual machine conversion tools.

VMware kills cloud’s promise, Red Hat says
Strong words from Red Hat executives, who tout open source approach as the only way to reach the anticipated potential of cloud computing.

Most Red Hat KVM customers are VMware users
Exactly who are the 500 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization users, and why does Red Hat see a market opportunity?

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 features previewed
With a RHEV 3 beta coming this summer, here is a first look at some expected changes to the product and what density numbers the new version will support.

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