Modernizing mainframe environments

Expert Wayne Kernochan covers how to modernize mainframe applications as well as how to migrate off the mainframe. The steps offered in these tips can help lower IT costs and bring competitive advantages.

As IT departments face pressure to cut operating expenses, many mainframe shops have looked to either modernize their mainframe applications for simpler and more cost-effective maintenance and upgrades. Others have decided to migrate off of the mainframe entirely, opting for immediate savings with Linux, Unix or Windows environments.

In his four-part series on successfully migrating off the mainframe, expert Wayne Kernochan offers an in-depth look at moving mainframe applications to a new environment with minimal impact on end users. In his three-part series on mainframe application modernization, Kernochan discusses how upgrading business-critical mainframe applications can give organizations a competitive advantage while also lowering costs.

Whether you're considering a migration off the mainframe or want to benefit from modernized applications in your existing mainframe environment, check out Kernochan's expert advice.

Migrating off the mainframe

Part 1: Creating a successful migration strategy
Kernochan shares best practices for migrating, regenerating or replacing mainframe applications.

Part 2: Segmenting the job
Learn how to segment mainframe applications in order of difficulty to decide the best rehosting options and determine how long the project will take to complete.

Part 3: Tuning migrated applications
After migrating mainframe applications, you may need to tune the apps for performance and security. Kernochan covers the process of ensuring the apps run the way they should on the new platform.

Part 4: Modernizing applications after migration
Kernochan explains how a few extra post-migration steps, such as modernizing apps for Web services, can add even more business value.

Updating mainframe applications

Part 1: Developing the roadmap to mainframe app modernization
Kernochan outlines the basic strategy for enabling business-critical mainframe applications for Web services to give businesses a competitive advantage.

Part 2: Understanding modernization's costs and risks
Keeping mainframe applications as they are is riskier than modernizing, according to Kernochan. Here, he discusses benefits of updating mainframe apps and the best approach to choose.

Part 3: Web services and the cloud in mainframe environments
Find out how a modernized mainframe shop, with applications enabled for the cloud and Web services, can bring greater IT flexibility and lower costs.

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