Modernizing mainframe applications: Why and how

Learn how a mainframe application modernization strategy lowers costs and adds flexibility that can put your organization at a competitive advantage.

A mainframe modernization project can pay off with cost savings and greater flexibility and adaptability to quickly changing demands. While changing a business-critical mainframe application was once considered too risky, mainframe environments today can be updated with minimal impact with a well-planned modernization strategy.

In this three-part series, Infostructure Associates president Wayne Kernochan outlines the basics of a mainframe modernization strategy, the costs of leaving a legacy application as-is versus updating, and how Web services, virtualization, and cloud computing fit into a modern mainframe infrastructure.

Developing your mainframe modernization strategy: Part 1
In the first installment, Kernochan discusses the benefits of updating business-critical mainframe apps, and the pros and cons of the most common modernization techniques.

The costs vs. risks of mainframe application modernization: Part 2
The second part of the series takes an in-depth look at the price businesses pay by failing to modernize their mainframe applications as well as key considerations and risks for IT to keep in mind when undertaking a modernization project.

Web services and cloud on the modern mainframe: Part 3
In the final installment, Kernochan talks about how Web services, virtualization and putting mainframe apps in the cloud can lead to significant business benefits and technical advantages. He also discusses IBM's options for modernizing legacy applications and enabling mainframe apps for Web services.

About the author:
Wayne Kernochan is president of Infostructure Associates, an affiliate of Valley View Ventures. Infostructure Associates aims to provide thought leadership and sound advice to vendors and users of information technology. This document is the result of Infostructure Associates-sponsored research. Infostructure Associates believes that its findings are objective and represent the best analysis available at the time of publication.

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