Migrating from Unix to Linux

Thinking of migrating to Linux from Unix? Get expert advice and tips on where, when and how Linux is right for your IT shop.

 Spotlight: Migrating from Unix to Linux

Migrating from Unix to Linux can offer freedom from vendor lock-in and increased ROI, to name a few of the benefits. However, it may not be right for your data center. Take a look at our collection of tips, culled from industry experts, to help you decide if migration is right for you. Then, if you want to get started, go further with out porting and migration advice. If you think we missed something, email us!



Migrating mission-critical enterprise apps to Linux platforms: No big deal

More and more companies are taking advantage of the savings gained from migrating mission-critical enterprise apps to Linux platforms, especially SAP and Oracle users. Hardware vendors are jumping on the bandwagon too by offering cheap, scalable hardware.

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Evaluating migration options
  •  When Linux trumps Unix and vice versa
    For many IT organizations, migrating to Linux from Unix can be beneficial. In this tip, an expert opines on when it's worth it and when it isn't..

  •  Linux or Unix: Making the right decision
    If Windows no longer meets your needs, you may want to try a more scalable, reliable and higher performing environment. In this tip, an expert evaluates the merits and disadvantages of Linux and Unix.

  • Should you dump Unix for Linux?
    The need for modernization and cost reduction, or a change in leadership, may mean migration away from your existing Unix platform. If your company is the type to scale horizontally and you're uncomfortable with big iron, you may want to consider Linux on blade servers.

 Migrating from Unix to Linux

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