Migrating from Unix-Linux in 7 steps

Make sure you've got all your bases covered with this checklist on the process of migrating from Unix to Linux.

Unix and Linux may be similar, but the differences between them could boondoggle a Unix-to-Linux migration. This checklist offers advice on planning key aspects of your Unix-to-Linux migration. Learn how to compensate for architecture differences, get a free chapter download and evaluate your migration needs thoroughly.

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Unix-to-Linux Checklist: From start to finish 

 Home: Introduction
 Unix or Linux: Evaluating your choices
 Unix to Linux porting: Project considerations
 Unix apps to Linux: Tackling platform and architecture differences
 Assess the mess: Porting Unix apps to Linux
 Getting started: Planning your migration
 Getting started, part 2: Admistration of your new systems
 Getting started, part 3: Tying it all together



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 Ken Milberg, Unix-to-Linux migration expert
Kenneth Milberg is systems consultant with his own independent consulting firm,Unix-Linux Solutions. He has fifteen years' worth of experience with Unix and Linux systems, as well as broad technical and functional experience with AIX, HP, SCO, Linux and Solaris. Milberg holds certifications with IBM (IBM Certified Systems Expert -- eServer p5 and pSeries Enterprise Technical Support AIX 5L V5.3 & IBM Certified Specialist –HACMP), SUN (SCNA,SCSA), HP (HP Certified –HP-UX administration) Cisco (CCNA) and Oracle (OCP-DBO).

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