Mastering MySQL: Ten essential tips

We've put together our most-read tips on MySQL to help get you started on using this open source relational database management system.

Getting started with open source relational database management system, MySQL, doesn't have to be difficult. Here, we've set aside our most-clicked, helpful tips on MySQL. Take a look at these ten essential tips to further your database expertise. If we're missing something, go ahead and ask an expert for further MySQL advice.

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10 essential MySQL tips

 MySQL: Getting started
 The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5: MySQL Administrator and Query Browser
 Mastering MySQL: Drivers, clustering and remote access
 MySQL database features: ACID, buffer pools and blob fields
 MySQL workarounds: Triggers and mutating table errors
 Troubleshooting: Bug tracking, remote databases and workarounds in MySQL
 Interoperability: Using Excel to analyze MySQL data
 Oracle and MySQL: Licensing and the Linux enterprise space
 PostgreSQL or MySQL: Which is faster?
 SQL Server vs. MySQL: Syntax differences, similar GUIs

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