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Managing the general physical environment

This guide address all the issues from selecting the most power efficient servers to finding power supplies to disasters and securing the equipment within.

An increasingly important part of managing the data center is understanding the demands of the physical environment. These resources address all the issues from selecting the most power efficient servers to finding power supplies that protect your data center in the event of a disaster to securing the equipment within.

General physical environment

  • Saving servers from fire--it's a gas! | 9 May 2006 
    ARTICLE - Don't let a water-only fire suppression system in your data center leave you all wet. Experts say a combined approach of sprinklers and gas is needed to keep your servers safe.


  • Learning Guide: How to design a server room | 07 Nov 2005 
    ARTICLE - Location, location, location. That's one key element to consider when designing a server room. We've broken down this project into eight core elements in a Learning Guide.


  • New cooling technologies could cut energy costs
    Submitted By: | 02 Nov 2005 
    TIP - Energy costs and demands for power are skyrocketing in the data center. But there are new technologies and design strategies that could help you cut down the price of your juice.


  • Heat relief for data centers using blades
    Submitted By: | 19 Oct 2005 
    TIP - As data center managers stew over the heat problem created by blade servers, vendors are pitching new technologies that will make heating issues a thing of the past.


  • Assuring your third-party data center is secure
    Submitted By: | 29 Sep 2005 
    TIP - The costs are generally lower and the bandwidth abundant, but are third party data centers secure enough to protect your data?

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