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Looking back on learning: Top 5 data center tech tips, 2012

Round out the year with the top data center tech tips, 2012-style. Topping the list this year are energy, environmental monitoring and ARM servers.

As 2012 draws to a close, we look back at the top five technical tips that caught your attention over the last 12 months. From metrics to environmental monitoring to a more energy efficient server, we've compiled our most popular tech tips for 2012.

The realities of PUE and PUE v2

The Green Grid created the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric to provide a metric for improvement by enterprise data centers. This tip explained the differences between the original version and the updated PUE v2.

Learn more about The Green Grid.

Five questions on data center environmental monitoring

Keeping the data center environment in check has a lot to do with temperature and humidity, but those aren't the only things that need to be monitored. The questions deal with more than just defining parameters to monitor; they also cover ASHRAE standards, sensors and integrated monitoring.

An introduction to the ARM server

ARM servers offer quite a bit of promise due to their energy efficiency and high-processing scalability, but they are still on the outside looking in regarding enterprise data centers. ARM server architecture is evolving, but the basics remain the same.

Here is the latest on ARM servers in the data center.

Does UPS maintenance go to IT or the facilities management team?

Published in August, this tip about universal power supply (UPS) maintenance responsibility resonated with readers who find themselves in a similar situation: If the UPS fails, who gets the blame? Find out what goes into UPS maintenance and where the responsibilities fall.

Check out more on facilities and IT working together.

Microsoft's System Center 2012 designed to ease data center management

Tied for fourth place is a tip outlining the different tools included in System Center 2012 to make the lives of systems administrators, who have to manage a range of heterogeneous systems, easier. 

Read about System Center 2012 service pack 1.

Bonus: Changes to z/OS 1.13 help Java adoption and boost mainframe capacity

Since we had a tie for fourth, and this tip wasn't far behind, here's one more article that was of particular interest to our mainframe audience. Version 1.13 of IBM's z/OS was released in 2011.

Find out more about the latest mainframe hardware.

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