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LinuxWorld 2007: News, trends and tutorial coverage

Get the latest Linux, virtualization and data center news, keynote coverage and tutorial highlights from the concurrent 2007 LinuxWorld and Next Generation Data Center events in San Francisco from August 6-9.

TechTarget's Data Center Media Group editors will be out in full force at the concurrent LinuxWorld 2007 and Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) conferences, August 6-9 in San Francisco. Our coverage will include breaking news, case studies, as well as commentary and tips based on conference tutorials. And check out updates from, and

 LinuxWorld 2007 coverage     The Next-Generation Data Center
Oracle 11g ships first on Linux, not Microsoft Windows Oracle announced that Linux would be first to receive support for 11g this August. Some see the move as a harbinger of Linux deployments to come.   SPEC power benchmark to be announced next month
According the Green Grid officials attending the Next Generation Data Center conference, the SPEC server power benchmark will be announced next month.
LinuxWorld and virtualization: Xen vs. KVM, Microsoft's Xen-friendly drivers
KVM vs. Xen, Microsoft's proposed Xen-friendly drivers and server consolidation trends highlight Bernard Golden's report on LinuxWorld 2007's virtualization news.
  The Green Grid lobbies for LEED data center certification The Green Grid is lobbying the U.S. Green Building Council to create a LEED certification for data centers.
Amazon: Data centers are a pain in the SaaS
At the recent Next Generation Data Center Conference, Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels lead off the event with a keynote diatribe of data centers and their propensity to drain technologists' and engineering staff's valuable time and resources.
  Green data center scuttlebutt from NGDC conference
HP's distinguished technologist and data center expert Christian Belady heads to Microsoft; vendors go head to head on server consolidation and virtualization during a green data center panel; video blog from Site Editor Matt Stansbery.
Video: Accelerating the progress of Linux in the data center
Novell leader Ron Hovsepian presented a step-by-step Linux acceleration plan in his keynote at LinuxWorld 2007. Newshound Jack Loftus gives a quick rundown on Hovsepian's call to action.
  Green data center panel review from Next Generation Data Center '07
In this video from the Next-Generation Data Center conference in San Francisco, Burton Group's Andrew Kutz talks about greening the data center. Andrew moderated a panel on the topic at the conference, comprised of representatives from Green Grid, Sun, IBM and Emerson Power.
DMTF tries to SMASH systems management costs
Winston Bumpus, president of the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), says point products and a lack of standards are driving up systems management costs.
  Rackable's data center in a box gets accolades at LinuxWorld
Rackable Systems, Inc. was given the 2007 " Product Excellence Award" in the category of Most Innovative Hardware Solution for its modular data center product Concentro at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in California.
Virtualization users say, 'Better management tools, please'
After conducting more than 50 interviews with virtualization users, analyst Tony Iams concludes that most management tools don't cut the mustard for VMware shops. He presented his findings at LinuxWorld 2007.
  LinuxWorld, NGDC Swag Safari
By now, you may have seen the Bag of Swag video on YouTube — whereby intrepid Linux reporter Jack Loftus and I pillaged the vendor booths at LinuxWorld and the NGDC conferences for the best giveaways. Watch Loftus brave sleepy keynotes, vendor gimmicks and spokesmodels on our grueling quest for free stuff.
Video: Virtualization management advice
Bernard Golden analyzes the key virtualization tips given during analyst Tony Iam's session at LinuxWorld/Next Generation Data Center 2007 in San Francisco.
  Novell announces new data center management solution: ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1
At the LinuxWorld/NGDC conference in San Francisco last week, Novell announced a new release of its data center management solution ZENworks Orchestrator 1.1., which not only improves management for a data center that incorporates virtual machines, it also manages both the physical and the virtual parts of the data center by overseeing a collection of management tools.
LinuxWorld: User Q&A with Ron Hovsepian
What happened at LinuxWorld 2007 when a user stepped up to the microphone to grill Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian about Microsoft, the GPLv3 and those infamous coupons? Here's a blow-by-blow account of that post-keynote Q&A session.
  Small data centers: An endangered species?
As data center outsourcing increases, only the largest companies will operate their own data centers.
Video: Virtualization and blades
Virtual Iron's Mike Grandinetti provides insights about the synergies between virtualization, blades, server consolidation and iSCSI.
Video: KVM, Xen, other virtualization platforms not interoperable
In this video, senior site editor Jan Stafford discusses the fact that KVM, Xen and other virtualization platforms are not interoperable, a subject that troubles users and was given short shrift by vendors at LinuxWorld/Next Generation Data Center Conference 2007 sessions.
Hovsepian cites four vehicles to broaden Linux adoption
At LinuxWorld, Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian lauded the success of Linux but cautioned that complacency and fragmentation are still real threats.
At LinuxWorld, Zemlin describes the future direction of Linux
Virtualization, mainframes and supercomputers are expanding Linux usage, says Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation.
Dell expands pre-installed Ubuntu Linux initiative to Europe
At the LinuxWorld conference, Dell Inc. announced that select laptops and desktops will now be offered to customers in the U.K., France and Germany.
Video: Dell expands pre-installed Ubuntu Linux initiative to Europe
News writer Jack Loftus describes Dell Inc.'s announcement that select laptops and desktops will now be offered to customers in the U.K., France and Germany.
Netcraft August Web server report: Apache down, Microsoft up
Microsoft's IIS has experienced an uptick, while Apache has seen a decline. Apache's downturn is not entirely attributable to Microsoft's gains, however.
Linux authentication troubles? Try Active Directory
While various authentication options are available for managing Linux servers in a heterogeneous IT environment, is Microsoft the best option?
Linux security: Authenticate your users and know what they're up to
Do you know who has access to your data? Linux security expert Kurt Lingel explores tools to authenticate users and learn what they're up to.
Virtualization boosts Linux adoption big-time
Despite mixed-OS and virtual machine management problems, virtualization will drive adoption of server-side Linux, making it a great theme for LinuxWorld 2007, says Hyperic Inc. CEO Javier Soltero.
Virtualization engulfs LinuxWorld 2007: A previewLinuxWorld 2007's focus on virtualization is right on, says author and consultant Bernard Golden. In this article, Golden explains why virtualization and Linux are made for each other. He also gives a tour of the most valuable LinuxWorld 2007 conference sessions.  
Virtual directories: Identity management and data integration panacea or placebo?
Implementing virtual directories can help IT handle some identity management issues, secure data sharing and centralize data resources. Based on an interview with experts from Radiant Logic Inc., a LinuxWorld 2007 exhibitor, this blog post explores the use of virtual identity technologies and offers links to tutorials and how-tos.
Linux and virtualization create a shift in the data center
The LinuxWorld 2007 conference will see a convergence of Linux, open source software and server virtualization that will fundamentally change IT, analysts say.
Is virtualization where Linux will top Windows ... perhaps stealthily?
Virtualization is the theme of the LinuxWorld 2007 conference, and that's as it should be, industry veterans say. But while experts agree that virtualization is a boon for Linux adoption, there's lots of disagreement about its impact on the Linux-versus-Windows battle.
Antivirus fight club
At LinuxWorld, a disenchanted CTO will test antivirus software to prove that open source is getting a bum rap compared with its commercial competitors.
Will new Krugle code-finding appliance be cool?
At the recent LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, Laura Merling of Krugle Inc. talked about Krugle Enterprise Appliance, a code search engine for in-house and independent enterprise-level software development.
The latest Linux kernel release, which fixes bugs and resolves security issues, is out and about. Hold onto your hats!
Asigra announces 64-bit agentless backup for virtual servers
Backup and recovery software vendor Asigra Inc. is targeting the increasingly virtualized data center with 64-bit agentless backup for virtual servers.
Virtuozzo 4.0 at LinuxWorld
The new version of Virtuozzo 4.0, which is slated for release later this year, has a new, customizable interface and includes additional management tools.
Video: Expert reviews Microsoft's mixed messages, Novell's virtualization news
Xen expert Bernard Golden sounds off on Microsoft's presentation at LinuxWorld 2007 and the impact of Novell's new Linux SUSE and virtualization products.
Video: Live from LinuxWorld 2007 — the Bag of Swag!
Take a look at all the free promotional stuff (or swag) that was given away at the 2007 LinuxWorld conference.

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