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Linux, Windows and Unix interoperability: News and tips

Get the latest interoperability, news and expert advice on mixing flavors of Linux with Windows or Unix.

Does your data center mix it up with Linux, Windows and Unix? Then, you'll gain interoperability know-how from this guide's news and how-tos on Microsoft Windows and Novell SUSE, Samba, Active Directory integration and more. If you don't find what you're looking for, email us with what you'd like to see.

News: Samba 3 preview release behaves more like Windows 
After a spate of field testing, a new Samba 3 preview release hits the streets with enhancements to winbind and offline logon support.

News: Samba's Andrew Bartlett: Samba 4.0 brings Active Directory 'streamlining'
What's coming in Samba 4.0? More tools to help companies use Linux servers -- not Windows servers -- says Samba Team member Andrew Bartlett.

News: Novell identity management marries event monitoring
At its annual BrainShare conference, Novell announced it would combine its Identity Manager 3.5 application with the company's existing network monitoring and login tools.


News: Linux and Active Directory -- the plot thickens
Not only do administrators want to manage large heterogeneous environments of Linux, Unix and Windows servers with Microsoft Active Directory, but they also need to move away from Sun's NIS.


News: Managing mixed source software stacks 
Get a Linux architect's opinion of Vista and four tips on managing a data center's mix of open and closed source software stacks in this report on Russell Pavlicek's LinuxWorld workshop.


News: Samba guru says be lazy, use Winbind
Jerry Carter, release manager for Samba 3.0, wants you to get lazy and take advantage of what Microsoft has already perfected with user authentication and Active Directory.


News: Microsoft exec: SUSE Linux guest support on the way
In this Q&A, Microsoft's senior director of virtualization strategy explained how Novell and Microsoft are using virtualization to bridge the chasm that separates Linux and Windows.


Tip: Microsoft meets enterprise Linux: Novell's Open Enterprise Server 2
An expert discusses Novell Open Enterprise Server 2's new key features: Active Directory functionality and enhanced virtualization capabilities.


Tip: Higgins Project: Seeking identity management without Microsoft restrictions
The Higgins Project is an open source effort to create a standard for managing and defining digital identity. Here, a security expert discusses the challenges involved in integrating Higgins with Microsoft's proprietary CardSpace.


Tip: Using Excel to analyze MySQL data
Connecting to an Excel database from open source MySQL isn't hard if you've got MyODBC driver. Learn how to install and configure MyODBC, and link to specific tables and databases in this tip.


Tip: Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server
If you don't want to spend money on an expensive Citrix setup for running Windows and Linux, then try running Windows as a virtual machine (VM) on Linux with VMware Server.


Tip: Software stacks: Mixing proprietary and open source
In this tip, the author of Wiley's Open Source: The Unauthorized White Papers recommends some basic rules for designing your own software stack, what components to upgrade and when to consider replacing the whole stack or just a piece of it.

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