Data center construction runbook

Each chapter in this data center runbook outlines a specific aspect of data center design, walking you through the step-by-step process of a data center build-out. Beginning with site selection, the data center runbook shares what your key considerations should be. Next is the selection of a design team and general contractor for your data center project.

Data center managers are facing growing data capacity needs and deteriorating infrastructure. On top of this, new technologies and a trend toward more efficient consolidated data centers is occuring. Commissioning a new data center begins with selecting a site, designing the data center, and hiring contractors to build your new facility. Knowing how to proceed at this commissioning phase is key to ensuring quick ROI on your new data center. Here we provide advice from industry experts on where to start and what to consider for each aspect of data center construction.

I. Data center site selection
Data center site selection is the first step in a data center design and construction project. This guide provides resources to find the cheapest, safest data center locations.
By Karim Khan and Matt Stansberry

II. Selecting a winning data center design team
Chapter two of our data center construction runbook advises you on how to pick a design firm and which questions to ask potential engineers and project managers.
By Karim Khan

III. Selecting a general contractor
When you're building a new data center, it pays to bring the general contractor onboard early, rather than bidding out the process and ending up with unqualified subcontractors on your project.
By Karim Khan

IV. Data center commissioning
In the fourth chapter of our data center construction runbook, we look at the process of choosing and working with a commissioning agent to help you build the data center. Follow this procedure to ensure that your construction reaches completion in the form of a data center with the functionalities you want and none of the flaws that may hinder its performance.
By Matt Stansberry

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