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Data center books to bring to the beach

What goes great with sun, sand and surf? Hot data center technologies. So pack your flip flops and these books to read up on Linux, cloud and more.

Sitting on the beach wishing you could read more about Linux, incident management and other data center technology topics?

We've compiled a shortlist of this year's hottest data center books for you to take in while soaking up the sun. So sit back, relax and enjoy some data center summer reading.

A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux by Mark Sobell
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a widely used data center server OS, but not every admin is a Linux guru. If you're looking to while away the summer by brushing up on RHEL versions and system commands, then this book by Linux expert Mark Sobell is a perfect beach read for you.

The Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring by Abdul A. Jaludi
Implementing monitoring, change, problem and incident management processes in your data center might save summertime stress. If you're worried about missing an emergency server alert while you're busy playing beach volleyball, this book is worth the read.

System Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud by Brendan Gregg
Application performance should be high on every data center admin's list, and the right tools improve performance on Linux- and Solaris-based systems. Read this book's tutorial if you need an OS performance boost.

Learning PowerCLI by Robert van den Nieuwendijk
VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a prominent automation tool that can reduce time and stress by automating whenever possible in the virtual environment. This introductory book will show you how to automate routine tasks with this free tool so you can hit the surf without a care.

Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks by Jared Carstensen, Bernard Golden and J.P. Morgenthal
Think of solid security practices as sunscreen for your cloud environment; if you don't apply them liberally, you're bound to get burned. Security and compliance are prominent concerns for IT, and the cloud is no exception. If you're worried about how cloud breaches will affect infrastructure and applications, grab this book to help you assess your risks.

The Art of the Data Center, Cisco Press, by Douglas Alger
Are you interested in unique data center designs? Want to build a data center on a tropical island? Then this book is for you. Sip a margarita and enjoy Douglas Alger's book exploring alternative data center locations and designs. You'll find some groundbreaking ideas -- literally.

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What's your favorite data center book?
Good reading choices although, from personal experience, do consider marital bliss before choosing how much work to bring to the beach.
I liked Data Divination, which is an overall book about big data and how to use it.