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If you need informtion about data center power and cooling, server virtualization and ITIL, to name a few, but missed the Data Center Decisions conferencence in Chicago, don't worry. We've got you covered. Watch video and get tips on these topics and more in our Data Center Decisions coverage page.

Thank you for your interest in our Data Center Decisions Conference presentation downloads. This year, our conference included tracks on disaster recovery , virtualization, data center design and executive issues, such as capacity planning and ITIL implementation.

For 2007, we'll be offering each piece of content in a new rich media format, which will include video/audio in addition to the original slide presentation. If you are interested in a specific session, please fill out our conference coverage request form and we will notify you once it becomes available. Below are the presentation titles and descriptions of session content from last week's show.

Thanks again for your interest. We hope you enjoy the new format.



Is your business prepared in the event of a disaster? Do you have a business continuity strategy? Learn more about data center disaster recovery planning in this Data Center Decisions track. Topics include:

  • Ennie, Meany, Miney, Moe, Where Should My Disaster Site Go?
    Presented by James (JP) Callahan, Operations Security Executive, Customer Data Center Security, Verizon Business
  • Disaster Recovery and Virtualization: Advanced Data Protection Methodologies
    Presented by Chris Wolf, Senior Analyst, The Burton Group
  • Testing Your Disaster Recovery Capability
    Presented by Jon Toigo, CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International LLC
  • What's New in Storage and Networks -- Enabling Next Generation Data Centers Today
    Presented by Greg Schulz, Founder and Senior Analyst, The StorageIO Group



Over the past couple of years, virtualization has become an integral technology in modern data centers. This year's virtualization track at Data Center Decisions moves beyond the basics and into serious virtual infrastructure management. Learn about large-scale virtual deployments, managing advanced virtual environments, the latest in P2V, V2V and V2P migrations and more in this track. Sessions included in this track:

  • Processes for Choosing Virtualization Candidates in Large Scale Deployments
    Presented by Chris Wolf, Senior Analyst, The Burton Group
  • Creating Highly Available Server and Desktop Environments with Virtualization
    Presented by Barb Goldworm, President and Chief Analyst, Focus Consulting
  • Advanced System Management
    Presented by Andrew Kutz, Principal, l o s t c r e a t i o n s
  • Virtualizing the Data Center: Blueprints from the Field
    Presented by Andrew Kutz, Principal, l o s t c r e a t i o n s



Data center design is a contender for being the biggest topic of 2007. Because there are a multitude of factors to consider when designing a facility, data center managers need accurate and timely information to keep their businesses competitive. This track provides insight into data center design topics such as backup power, energy efficiency and consumption, and capacity planning. Sessions included in this track:

  • The Power That Sustains Us
    Presented by Robert E. McFarlane, Principal - Interport Division President, Shen, Milsom & Wilke Inc.
  • Data Center Energy and Sustainable Design
    Presented by Don Beaty, Founder and President, DLB Associates Consulting Engineers
  • Energy Efficiency in Data Center Design
    Presented by Matt Stansberry, Site Editor for, TechTarget
  • Data Center Optimization and Planning - Data Center Decisions 2007
    Presented by Bill Peldzus, Director of Data Center and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Practices, GlassHouse Technologies
  • The Economic Meltdown of Moore's Law and The Green Data Center
    Presented by Kenneth (Ken) G. Brill, Executive Director, The Uptime Institute



Knowing about relevant technology and data center strategies is only part of the struggle. Businesses also need the right IT management to provide ROI on their data center investments. This track focuses on IT executive concerns and decision making, including sessions on choosing the right server, effective archiving strategies and using ITIL in your organization. Sessions included in this track:


  • Making the Right Server Choices br> Presented by Anne Skamarock, Advisory Analyst and Author, Focus Consulting<
  • Eliminating Rogue Data: When Good Data Goes Bad
    Presented by Mark Diamond, President and CEO, Contoural, Inc.<
  • Using ITIL to Align IT and Business
    Presented by Sid Finehirsh, Founder and CEO, The CMX Group<
  • ITIL V3: What's New and How to Use it
    Presented by David Pultorak, Founder and Chief Executive, Pultorak & Associates

Again, let us know If you are interested in this content by filling out our conference coverage request form. We will notify you once it becomes available.

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