Chapter excerpt: Working with the Ubuntu Linux GUI

Preview a chapter from 'A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux' that details learning the Linux GUI in Ubuntu, specifically X and GNOME environments.

The third edition of Mark Sobell’s A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux was recently released, and contains everything a user needs to get started with the popular, user-friendly Linux distribution.

Updated for Ubuntu 10.04, or Lucid Lynx, the book covers installing the distribution but doesn’t stray from more involved administrative tasks, with a full chapter on OpenSSH and other security areas, such as firewall setup techniques using gufw and iptables, an introduction to Perl scripting, and Samba administration, to name a few.

You can preview Chapter 8 from the book right here. The excerpt deals with the Linux GUI, specifically X and GNOME environments.  

This excerpt is from the third edition of ‘A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux’ by Mark Sobell, published by Pearson/Prentice Hall Professional, Aug. 2010, ISBN 013254248X, Copyright 2011 Mark G. Sobell; for a complete table of contents, please visit:

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