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Building Blocks of Data Center Construction handbook

As organizations are forced to build new data center facilities with less, mistakes can be costly. This handbook walks you through a successful data center construction project -- from site selection to final inspection and testing.

Data Center Construction: Building Blocks of a Data Center Construction
By Stephen J. Bigelow

Data center demands continue to skyrocket, forcing organizations to build new facilities with little funds. This handbook can help you future-proof your investments and avoid costly construction mistakes.

A data center construction initiative starts with the selection of the best physical space -- but site selection involves much more. And each subsequent step only helps lay a solid foundation for your data center construction project.

This handbook discusses the steps of a solid data center construction project:


  • Site selection
  • Data center conceptualization and cost analysis
  • Negotiating with contractors
  • Choosing a commissioning agent and finalizing your project

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