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A Golden opportunity: Request topics, win books

Readers can vote for their favorite "Golden's Rules" column and suggest future topics, get a chance to win "Succeeding with Open Source."

Bernard Golden
Bernard Golden wants your advice.

Golden, our resident open source expert and columnist, doesn't survey the IT scene from an ivory tower. As a systems integrator and consultant, he's in the field helping companies migrate to and optimize Linux and open source applications.

As a consultant and columnist, Golden is very focused on users' needs. For example, his clients' asked for and he created a step-by-step guide -- the Open Source Maturity Model -- for choosing and using enterprise-ready open source software. Along the same lines, he'd like to get his readers' input on his past columns and future topics to cover. So, he asked us to pose these two questions to our readers:

"Which of my columns and/or Ask-the-Expert answers have been helpful to you, and which have you liked best?"

"What column would you most like to see or advice would you like me to offer?"

Check out the links below, choose your favorite, and tell us in an e-mail. Be sure to tell us your suggestions for future columns and advice. Then, we'll enter you in a drawing to win one of five copies of Golden's book, Succeeding with Open Source (Addison-Wesley, August, 2004). The book provides a guide to locating, evaluating and implementing open source software.

Golden's Rules: The column series

  • Open source -- a glimpse of things to come
    Bernard Golden kicks off his series on enterprise-ready open source software.
  • Open source's missing processes
    The software buying process is thrown out the window when downloadable open source comes into the scene. There are ways, however, to protect your company and yourself.
  • Set your evaluation bar by OSS
    IT shops should choose the tool that best addresses their organizations' needs rather than being biased toward one type of product.
  • Analyst blunders in assessment of open source CRM An IT industry analyst couldn't be more wrong in her assessment of the role of open source CRM stating that enterprises aren't concerned about software licensing costs because the majority of project costs are associated with process re-engineering and product integration.
  • Data warehousing at 75% off with open source, part 1
    A large publishing company uses data warehouse analytics more efficiently with open source.
  • Data warehousing at 75% off with open source, part 2
    In part 2 of this column, one of the largest travel companies in the world finds a commercial product overkill when it comes to data warehousing and turns to open source.
  • Beyond the LAMP stack - A guide to open source Nagios, Xen & Asterisk
    New open source products are ready for prime time if your IT shop is ready to think beyond the LAMP stack. Bernard Golden gives a tour of such lesser-known, enterprise-ready open source products as Nagios, XEN and Asterisk.
  • Linux scales up in 2005 with new products, converts
    Golden says the growth of open source was evident in the new products showcased -- and the clothes worn -- at LinuxWorld.
  • Golden's Rules: Open source ERP directions and predictions
    Golden believes that the growing use of open source ERP is proof of an industry-wide shift away from traditional software vendors.
  • Golden's Rules: Helping open source 'cross the chasm'
    Golden explains what Linux and open source companies need to do to entice those that tend to be late adopters of new technology.
  • Golden's Rules: Examining the growth of MySQL
    Golden explains why he thinks MySQL is a trendsetter and a threat to the longstanding business models of its competition.
  • Golden's rules: Licensing from the CA perspective
    Golden sizes up Computer Associates' proposed solution to the problem of open source license proliferation.
  • Golden's Rules: Mixing Linux and Windows
    If you listen to the debate between Microsoft advocates and open source zealots, you might easily conclude that it's an all-or-nothing proposition. For them, it's one or the other.

Bernard Golden is CEO of Navica Inc., a systems integrator based in San Carlos, Calif. He is the author of Succeeding with Open Source (Addison-Wesley) and the creator of the Open Source Maturity Model, a formalized method of locating, assessing and implementing open source software.

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