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April 2012, Vol. 38

The strategic trends in IT and data center infrastructure

Planning a modern data center is a challenging exercise. Designers must include the obvious technological considerations, such as servers, storage, management, power, cooling, space, and so on. But as organizations become more accessible to a variety of internal and external users, data center planners must also consider the social and market forces that change how employees, vendors and customers use computing resources. In this tip, we’ll review some of the most important strategic IT and data center infrastructure trends for you to consider when building a new facility or pursuing a new technology upgrade. Virtualization is still evolving in the data center Virtualization has had an enormous effect on computing efficiency. By hosting multiple virtual machines (VMs) on the same physical host, the utilization of those computing resources can be increased dramatically. The net result is less hardware, power, cooling and space requirements for the data center. However, according to David J. Cappuccio, a Gartner Inc. analyst, ...

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