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June 2013, Volume 2, Number 6

Using all-SSD arrays to turbocharge your data center

Over the past decade, compute power has increased nearly 30-fold and networks have increased in speed roughly 100-fold. During that time, hard disk drive (HDD) technology has not significantly increased in either rotational speed or total throughput. Adding a solid-state drive (SSD) tier to an HDD array is like adding a turbocharger to a car engine. But adding an all-SSD array? That's like replacing it with a jet engine. All-SSD Arrays Part 1: Using all-SSD arrays to turbocharge your data center Part 2: Emerging all-SSD arrays deliver performance boost to data centers Adding more capacity to a storage array increases available performance, as measured byIOPS (I/O operations per second), so storage sizing considerations have to include both capacity and performance. Crunching the numbers When comparing the merits of HDD versus SSD arrays, IOPS is a key measurement.  Consider that a RAID group with four 400 GB 15 K SAS drives would yield approximately 700 raw IOPS (175 per drive). If an application required 900 IOPS, it would be ...

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  • Understanding silicon photonics technology

    Silicon photonics technology sounds like something from Star Trek. In reality, it involves lasers, semiconductors and just a bit of biology.

  • Hosted email services worth a look

    by  Matt Gervais and Ed Scannell

    When it comes to hosted email services, there are multitudes of backers and naysayers alike. Cut through the noise with this information.

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