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July 2013, Volume 2, Number 7

Data center size, infrastructure determined by type of enterprise

Data center size and shape for enterprise IT shops may be changing, thanks to a confluence of numerous factors. Virtualization and the rise of Internet applications that tap into cloud-based services have given rise to a number of computing services to keep those applications humming along. Given all these changes, there is no single server configuration or network architecture that will suit every business. What works best for your enterprise can be difficult to determine given the number of choices in server and network configurations. Keeping tradition alive For smaller data centers or more modest needs, traditional architecture still makes the most sense. It is familiar and the least costly to purchase. "But you really need to understand your applications' consumption model and requirements," said Ken Owens, cloud CTO for Savvis, a large international cloud services provider that operates multiple data centers. "If you are in a more traditional environment and have typical business applications that require limited network ...

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