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October 2017, Vol. 6. No. 9

Explore uses for virtual data center architecture with VMC on AWS

The excitement generated by the recent news about VMware Cloud on AWS validates interest in virtual data center architecture. Traditional hypervisors represent the virtualized data center. Modern enterprise infrastructure, however, is moving beyond the virtualized data center toward the virtual data center. At VMworld Europe, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger donned a pair of virtual reality goggles and migrated a workload from an on-premises data center to a virtual data center in AWS. While a bit hokey, the demonstration accurately represented the direction of the data center. The concept of virtual data center architecture isn't new. But VMware brought the idea to the mainstream. So when, where and how should workloads be hosted in the abstracted data center? What is virtual data center architecture? A key indicator of maturity in any computer science discipline is abstraction. If we start the conversation at the critical services in the data center -- network, computing and storage -- the hypervisor long ago virtualized the data ...

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