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September 2016, Vol. 5, No. 8

Stand-alone servers on treacherous ground in data center

With the confluence of converged, hyper-converged and now super-converged systems swirling toward the data center, the decades-old stand-alone server appears to be standing on treacherous ground. Once the anchor of the classic IT infrastructure -- where the essential hardware and software components were distinctly separate -- the stand-alone server finds itself overmatched by a variety of converged systems that some believe can better handle today's web-based infrastructure and applications with far more agility. "It's frustrating working with older [stand-alone] systems for a mid-size company like ours when we need to scale a cloud app up fast," said one purchasing agent with a large transportation company in Jacksonville, Fla., who requested anonymity. "And traditional storage arrays and compute can't cut it because you're talking about a footprint the size of Bigfoot." No one expects the immediate demise of stand-alone servers, but few believe their future is bright. The stream of shipments for new stand-alone servers will ...

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