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November Volume 1, Issue 2

Software-defined networking could drastically change today's network infrastructure

Software-defined networking is all the rage these days, but is it right for your data center? SDN chatter is seemingly everywhere, offering the promise of a virtual network infrastructure that can be provisioned as easily as setting up a new virtual server. But real-world SDNs are hard to find outside of a few marquee customers who have dedicated lots of operational resources to set them up and manage them. Let’s look at their history, where things stand today, some of the bigger obstacles to SDNs and how you can begin to plan for them in your own environment. SDN 101 SDN isn’t a new idea by any stretch. SDN is a form of network virtualization, and indeed, we have had various forms of network virtualization for more than a decade. However, SDN is distinct from networking virtualization, and vice versa, wrote Martin Casado, CTO and Bruce Davie, chief service provider architect, both of Nicira Networks. “It is quite possible to have [a] network virtualization solution that doesn’t use SDN, and to use SDN to build a network that ...

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