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November Volume 1, Issue 2

Exploring application delivery and networking in 'Modern Infrastructure'

Anyone in IT knows there’s a fine line between forward-thinking and foolish, and here at Modern Infrastructure, we love to explore that boundary. In fact, sometimes I think that that’s my professional raison d’etre: ferreting out interesting technologies and projects, and presenting them in the cold light of day so readers can assess and debate their merits. This month’s issue is filled—I think—with articles about new takes on traditional technology challenges. I’ll let you judge whether they fall into the forward-looking or foolish bins. In this month’s cover story, contributing editor David Strom takes on software-defined networking, the latest form of network virtualization to whip IT pundits into a frenzy. SDN is being driven by larger-than-life data center operators like Google and Facebook. It faces considerable obstacles from the status quo — but it still has plenty to offer the little people toiling away in regular enterprise data centers. Chief among SDN’s touted benefits: dramatically reducing the time it takes to ...

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