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November Volume 1, Issue 2

Data center design: How to avoid a $5 million mistake

During a recent customer meeting, I noticed an unfortunate trend in data center design projects. The increase in equipment density has boosted the complexity of data center design to the point where customers now experience multimillion-dollar overruns on projects that still fall short of the design objectives of N+1 (what’s needed to support the load, plus one for redundancy) infrastructure. It is clear that the challenge of designing, building and operating high-density, high-efficiency facilities doesn’t stop with the design and engineering of the facility. It also requires a well-organized governance structure overseeing the efforts of a specialized, experienced and unbiased team. With millions of dollars at stake, we’ve seen shortcuts translate into ugly and expensive mistakes. The Importance of Expertise In this recent client’s case, the IT team tried to do everything right in building a facility, but still ran into major problems. (As a note, I’m going to change the particulars to keep the company anonymous; for the sake ...

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