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September 2017, Vol. 6. No. 8

Persistent memory trend preps for launch, but no takeoff yet

Over the last few years, the enterprise data center has been embracing the flash storage medium as a core component of modern infrastructure. With nearly 60% of organizations using flash storage already, it's clear this trend is here to stay. As much as enterprise IT has embraced flash storage, we have only scratched the surface of the ever-changing storage world. An emerging market for persistent memory has been forming and generating a lot of hype, but how does that market look today? To understand the market, we need to understand how we got to where we are today. The last few decades have had near linear growth of CPU performance and almost flat growth of storage performance. The advent of NAND flash helped close the gap, but CPU remains woefully underutilized due to legacy storage protocols and software. Persistent memory hopes to bridge that performance gap in the enterprise data center, but in any immature market, there is a lot of hype and market confusion to be wary of. Before we can understand the state of persistent ...

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