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December/January issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

What will the next big data center transformation look like?

It’s more science and less fiction: the next big data center transformation will see adoption and refinement of many of the technologies that have already demonstrated value in the enterprise. Sara stopped for a moment to sip her morning coffee and watch the live feed of a stunning sunrise over the Sierra Nevada mountain range displayed across the viewing wall in her office. It was a welcome distraction from her 12-hour shift in corporate’s IT management bunker deep below New Mexico’s desert. The moment’s peace was broken by a tweeting alarm as her virtual assistant flickered to life. “I’m sorry to interrupt you, Sara,” the hologram said. “What is it, Ivan?” Sara snapped, dabbing spilled coffee from her blouse. “Is that router backbone in Newark saturated again?” “No, Sara. There is a critical power alarm at the Reykjavík facility.” The hologram gestured toward the viewing wall, opening a real-time diagram of the power grid and another detailed utility map of Iceland’s capital city. “Atlantic storms have caused a catastrophic ...

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