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December 2013, Special Edition

MI Impact Awards voting: The wisdom of crowds

I recently listened to a radio segment that discussed James Surowiecki’s 2004 book, The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations, which argues that groups consistently make better deci­sions than any single member of the group. Say, for example, that a crowd is asked to guess at the number of jelly beans in a jar. While it is highly unlikely that an individual will come up the correct answer on his own, the statistical mean of all the answers provided by the crowd is almost always uncannily correct. This phe­nomenon has been shown to work again and again across a variety of experiments. This idea gave me comfort as I waited for Modern Infra­structure readers to deliver their verdict on the best, most “impactful” products to grace their data centers this year. And deliver they did. In this, our first year holding these awards, readers cast nearly 3,000 votes across eight cate­gories. In categories where they believed we had omitted a ...

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  • Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards 2013

    by  Modern Infrastructure staff

    The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the best data center products and technologies. Find out which products won in the areas of cloud computing, mobility, storage and more.

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