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May 2017, Vol. 6, No. 5

Learn efficiency lessons from hyperscale cloud providers

The technology that powers Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes engine to victory on the Formula One circuit eventually makes its way into the garages of drivers who won't ever compete in a grand prix. So it is in data centers, where gains in efficiency and automation by hyperscale cloud providers have begun to trickle down to traditional data centers. Everything from the latest cooling technology to automated provisioning is up for grabs to boost efficiency and lower costs in data centers of ordinary companies. "You are getting a drafting effect, just like you are in a race," said Chris Yetman, chief operating officer at Vantage Data Centers, and former vice president of infrastructure operations at Amazon Web Services (AWS). "The big guys are racing forward, and everyone is squeezing everything they can get from them." Data centers at the back of the pack will be run by IT leaders who are stuck in their old ways, without opening their eyes and ears to the lessons from hyperscale cloud providers. Many businesses today make crucial ...

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