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March 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3

Curbing colocation costs

Rein in unneeded capacity, features and services to keep colocation costs manageable. Businesses adopt colocation to address specific concerns or limitations in their data centers. Limitations include physical issues like inadequate power, cooling or space. Some organizations seek lower workload latency by locating applications and data closer to a user base. And still other businesses position remote colocation facilities to serve as disaster recovery or business continuity sites. But regardless of the actual factors that drive a colocation strategy, colocation can be a costly endeavor -- sometimes entailing long-term contractual obligations for equipment and services. Fortunately, businesses can corral colocation expenses by understanding the major cost centers and negotiating for the most effective deals. Look before you leap Colocation pricing easily spirals out of control when a business overbuys remote resources, so one of the best cost-saving strategies is to develop a clear goal for colocation before ever engaging a ...

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