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March 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3

Applications and services forging new information technology strategy

Over the years, the term "information systems" lost ground, until now, when most everyone calls our job "IT." Information technology is not a terrible term per se, but it is misleading. "Technology" suggests things, such as computers, routers, storage arrays and bits of software. As such, we've come to think about technology as product: something we can buy and put to use. We often undervalue the technique meaning of the term: the skills, knowledge and how-to. For years, that imbalance didn't much matter. Product evolution raced along, rapid advances were largely driven by the frenetic pace of Moore's Law: Faster! Better! Cheaper! all the time. But the better the underlying goods and tools become, the less product advances have driven information technology strategy. Virtualized data centers, service-oriented architectures, Internet and cloud computing, mobile, pervasive embedded sensors, big data -- all those things require tons of products. But more than the gear, they're about new and different ways of deploying and using IT....

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