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May 2013, Volume 2, Number 5

A variety of options make data center expansion difficult

When MIT launched edX, an online education resource, professors never dreamed that interested students would jump at the opportunity. Anant Agarwal, president of edX, had expected 5,000 participants, but 120,000 people signed up instead. That stunning success put an enormous and unexpected burden on computing capacity. Issues to consider before expanding your data center Part 1: A variety of options make data center expansion difficult Part 2: Scaling up your data center when demand exceeds computing capacity The experience of Agarwal and MIT is hardly unique. Business depends on IT to support the computing needs of employees, partners and users, and those needs often escalate -- sometimes seemingly overnight. Administrators and business leaders need to know what options are available for on-demand data center capacity expansions, identify the best options and lay the groundwork for future capacity increases well before they're actually needed. There are a handful of choices for scaling up data center capacity. Plug in a ...

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