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March 2013, Volume 2, Number 3

Coming up with a new configuration and change management plan

In the context of information technology, the change management plan -- and its kissing cousin configuration management -- are usually thought of as subsets of IT service management, or ITSM. They require configuration data about an organization's IT infrastructure and the services running on it. They say the only constant is change, and nowhere is that more true than in the data center. Despite all our practice dealing with change, doing so gracefully and efficiently is still one of the most challenging aspects of IT operations. Change management helps IT operations professionals follow established procedures for making changes to an environment -- or discover the changes that cause a service to go awry, said Rob England, an IT consultant and blogger known as The IT Skeptic based in Wellington, New Zealand. According to England, these tools and processes can help IT departments can answer two central questions: "How fast and how accurately can you assess the impact [of a change] to your organization?" and "Does the cost of ...

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