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September 2009

The green data center

This green data center e-book serves as an all-in-one guide to lead you through the process of creating an energy-efficient data center. You'll learn how to create a solid business case for a greener data center with in-depth coverage of power consumption trends in data centers, root causes of demand, why energy efficiency matters, ways to implement energy efficiency in data centers and metrics that measure green progress.

About The Author

Matt Stansberry

Matt Stansberry is Director of Content and Publications for The ...Read More


  • Building a business case for data center efficiency

    Today's average data center is 12 to 15 years old, reaching end of life, and unable to meet today's power demands. Studies show that data center power requirements are increasing by 8% per year on average, and 20% per year in the largest centers. Indeed, creating an energy-efficient data center is paramount to curbing runaway power consumption and accommodating greater data center capacity.

  • Green data center strategies

    With energy consumption concerns mounting throughout data centers, IT departments have turned to solutions large and small to ease their power consumption woes. This document explains about servers which present the most important opportunity and energy-efficient power supply which is the most important aspect of improving servers. Learn green data center best practices, get energy-efficient computing tips, and more in this e-book from

  • Energy-efficient computing in the 21st century

    Chillers, air handlers, power distribution, backup power—all these mechanical processes that keep servers running smoothly account for more than half of an IT energy bill. Data center managers need to operate physical infrastructure support systems at maximum efficiency to go green in the data center. In this primer on energy-efficient cooling and power distribution principles, get advice from our experts and your toughest energy-efficient computing questions answered.

  • Green data center design best practices

    Chapter 4 of the e-book, Green Data Center, picks up where the other previous chapters left off in the plan for going green in the data center. This chapter takes a step back and looks at the project from a holistic point of view for creating a green and energy efficient data center. Explore green data center design best practices and get advice from our experts in this e-book.


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