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Contributor(s): Austin Allen

A data center administrator is an employee who is responsible for overseeing data center operations. Because administrators are in charge of business-critical systems, they need to have expansive knowledge about everything that occurs in the data center, including maintenance, operations, infrastructure design and management.

In terms of equipment, a data center administrator handles network switches, storage arrays and servers, and is either directly in charge of installation or supports a team and/or contractors with deployments. Administrators troubleshoot and offer hands-on support to make sure the data center keeps a high uptime.

A data center administrator should have experience with data center infrastructure management and other software tools, and be able to make recommendations for equipment and procedure changes to decrease costs and increase efficiency. They create and keep documentation and processes up to date so successful server and system deployments are repeatable. The job also entails capacity planning to ensure that the facility meets current and expected power demand and cooling requirements of the IT equipment.

A data center administrator may obtain certifications from industry organizations and vendors to advance their understanding of the technologies under their oversight. Certification and/or experience is required on server and storage hardware, network architecture, virtualization, security and monitoring tools, backup, capacity planning and power management, remote support and site planning.

This was last updated in March 2016

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