SuSE (pronounced soo'-sah) is a German Linux distribution provider and business unit of Novell, Inc. Like Red Hat and Caldera, SuSE assembles open source components for the Linux operating system and related programs into a selection of distribution packages that can be purchased. The advantage of buying the Linux kernel and support programs from a distributor (rather than assembling it at no cost yourself from various sources) is that you save time by purchasing a convenient package that comes with extensive documentation and tech support. SuSE, which also has a Braille edition, has targeted users new to the Linux operating system and hopes to attract Windows expatriots by promoting the Personal edition of SuSE as an easy way for the average desktop user to migrate to Linux. Both the Personal Edition and the Professional Editions come with a large number of applications.

SuSE is an abbreviation for "Gesellschaft f|r Software und Systementwicklung mbH", whose name loosely translates to mean "Software and System Development Company".

This was last updated in November 2006

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