Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a distribution of the Linux operating system developed for the business market. RHEL was formerly known as Red Hat Linux Advanced Server.

RHEL is based on free, open source code. Although Red Hat makes its source code available for download, verbatim copying of the distribution is forbidden.

The RHEL operating system (OS) supports diverse workloads in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. RHEL editions are available for servers, mainframe, SAP applications, desktops and OpenStack

The RHEL 6.5 update, based on Linux kernel version 2.6.32-431, provides Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support, centralized certificate administration and security updates, large-scale resource management, broader support for solid-state storage devices and extended subscription management services. RHEL 7, which as this writing is still in beta, will have multiple file systems, supporting EXT4, XFS and btrfs in addition to EXT2 and EXT. The interface will also change, with Gnome 2 classic mode as the default.




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