Net-SNMP (Net Simple Network Management Protocol)

Net-SNMP is a set of command line tools and libraries for implementing the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) on enterprise networks. 

Net-SNMP is available on for Microsoft Windows as well as many Unix and Linux operating systems, but functionality varies depending on the operating system. 

The Net-SNMP project began in the late 1980s at Carnegie Mellon University and Hewlett-Packard Corp. The project was loosely referred to as “CMU SNMP," and it ran on many popular proprietary UNIX systems. Later, the University of California at Davis took over stewardship of the project, renaming it UCD-SNMP.  The name UCD-SNMP can still be spotted in some of the management information bases (MIBs) that the Net-SNMP agent supports.

See also: Nagios, OpenNMS

This was last updated in June 2014

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