Calibrated Vectored Cooling (CVC)

Calibrated Vectored Cooling (CVC) is an air-cooling technology developed by IBM for server systems with high component density. CVC optimizes the path of air flow through the equipment, increasing the efficiency with which heat is removed.

IBM says that CVC is well suited for use with blade servers, which are thin, modular electronic circuit boards containing microprocessors and memory in space-saving racks with other similar circuit boards. CVC allows for the use of fewer fans and less power than would otherwise be necessary, by forcing refrigerated air through the hottest parts of the equipment. Air intake openings for each individual circuit board facilitate optimal air cooling of the most critical components. CVC allows for an increased ratio of circuit boards per chassis in comparison with less efficient cooling systems. CVC also allows for possible system upgrades that require efficient cooling methods.

Server manufacturers other than IBM also offer designs intended to provide efficient equipment cooling.

This was last updated in June 2008

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