CEEDA (Certified Energy-Efficient Datacenter Award)

The Certified Energy Efficient Datacenter Award (CEEDA) is an initiative to honor data centers that follow best practices for efficient energy use.

According to CEEDA, most of their best practices are derived from the European Code of Conduct for Data Centers, are compliant with ASHRAE, ETSI and Energy Star standards and use metrics developed by The Green Grid, including power use effectiveness (PUE), carbon usage effectiveness (CUE), water usage effectiveness (WUE) and energy reuse effectiveness (ERE). CEEDA was developed by DatacenterDynamics Ltd., a B2B media and publishing company in London, and is managed by the a special interest group within the British Computer Society (BCS), the Chartered Institute for IT.

To meet the needs of large enterprises, colocation providers and organizations that are designing and building new data centers, CEEDA offers additional assessments and certifications, including CEEDA Enterprise for owner-operators of existing facilities, CEEDA Colo for colocation providers, CEEDA Design/Operate for builders and operators of new facilities and CEEDA Co-Tenant for major tenants of CEEDA-approved colocation facilities.

CEEDA certifications are available in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Bronze certification considers factors such as the use of separate environmental zones, modular uninterruptible power supply systems, variable speed fans and hot and cold air containment. Silver certifications also evaluate theuse of equipment with extended operating temperature and humidity ranges, heat-pump-assisted waste heat reuse, free cooling and hardware that reports energy and temperature data. Gold certifications build on bronze and silver certification requirements to include factors such as dynamic control of building cooling, IT energy use metering at the power distribution unit level, rain water capture and automated energy and environmental metering.

A professional third-party auditor is assigned to each data center that applies for certification. The applicant must supply evidence to CEEDA that documents how each best practice or metric used in the evaluation has been met. CEEDA then performs a one-day site visit to verify the applicant’s data. The assessors prepare a report for the auditor that documents their findings. The report identifies gaps, recommends areas for future improvement, and suggests what certification level should be awarded. An independent auditor then reviews the report and either approves or amends the report and recommended certification. . This process takes approximately 12 weeks.

A CEEDA certification is valid for two years, with an interim assessment typically conducted after one year to evaluate the effect of any changes in the wake of the original report.

There is no single standardized cost for pursuing and achieving a CEEDA certification.

This was last updated in June 2015

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