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Top tweets from the server room floor

To celebrate the Labor Day weekend, here are a few light-hearted gems from the Twitterverse you might hear on the server room floor.

In response to the news that President Obama would do an “Ask me anything” session on social hub Reddit, users of the service crashed the site.

Twitter denizen Ethan Kaplan posted the following in response:

The Reddit is Down

Next up is a facepalm-worthy tweet from Rob Malda, aka @cmdrtaco. Let’s hope the referenced study by Citrix was exaggerating a bit.

Cloud computing tweet

Trolling, for those who don’t know, is a little like playing pranks, only generally mean-spirited and performed on an undeserving target. Naigos, an open source network monitoring tool, sends lots of alerts, which can get annoying very quickly.

Trolling Naigos alerts

This one is straight from the fingertips of the venerable DevOps Borat. This little quip raises fourth generation programming languages to “old man on the mountain” level.

DevOps Borat and 4GL

The CoderVersion hashtag floated its way around Twitter and left us giggling. Though there were too many to post, here’s one that might hit close to home.

#CoderVersion legacy apps

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