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Super Nerds to the rescue

Behind every U.S. soldier in modern warfare, there is an arsenal of technological support. Does that extend to not-so-real-but-wish-they-were superheroes? My suspicion is that Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is powered by a super-secret data center. I mean, it was originally built in the Arctic and later in space for ultimate free cooling! And Batman? We know alter ego Bruce Wayne is the billionaire head of a huge defense corporation, so it’s not a stretch to assume at least some of the Batcave’s processing power comes from Wayne Industries. The X-Men’s danger room is probably the most powerful hologram in existence, so you know there’s a data center behind that.

Super powered data centerPhoto by Mark Probst, licenced under Creative Commons 2.0.

Following this train of comic book logic, Oracle’s S.H.I.E.L.D. data center is not so farfetched. Though clearly a marketing gesture, the Avengers’ data center, packed with fancy hardware from Oracle, is impressive. S.H.I.E.L.D., the intelligence agency behind the Avengers, needed a new data center after its old one was conveniently destroyed, paving the way for a way to publicize Oracle’s gear and the new Avengers movie.

But it does make my nerd-brain wonder: what would really be required for superhero-scale data centers? I don’t think Superman’s current incarnation requires much computing power, though in days past he apparently did lots of scientific research, but the large-scale Justice League and Avengers organizations— we won’t even mention the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps — probably would. Would they build green and get LEED certified? Who’ll foot the bill? More importantly, if these superheroes are still trying to remain secret, where would they find IT staff to support those data centers? Where’s our Super IT Admin comic book to answer these questions, huh?

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