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Long weekend in the data center

The IT team never really gets a break — it’s the first week of July and everyone else is taking a long weekend, but you’re on call, minding the beeps and flashes of some uncaring, disinterested servers. While the storage array quietly dedupes its backups, take a little downtime with data center comics, viral videos and other fun links.

This post was inspired by a conversation with Kip and Gary cartoonist Diane Alber. You can check out her comic at see what kind of trouble could be brewing in your data center if you did clock off for a week at the beach.

More fun:
An oldie but goodie, no one makes data center backup media come to life like John Cleese:

Yeah, you’ve been there. The Website is Down pits the sys admin against the world, or at least against the sales team in the conference room. Commiserate with the series on YouTube (warning: language, though we’ve chosen a safe-for-work episode to start you off):

Let’s hope you haven’t been here– this .gif of a server rack falling off the loading dock is strangely mesmerizing:

Is there one person on your IT team looking a little frazzled and muttering to himself about five nines? Try writing it all down, a la Sh*t My Cloud Evangelist Says (again, language):

What are your favorites? DevOps reaction .gifs? Network admin rants? Lego men running a colo?

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