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IT surfaces from the back room to take the helm

By Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writerimage001

SAN FRANCISCO — The overarching theme here at ChefConf 2013 this week has been a sense of empowerment for IT folk who are used to shoveling coal in the boiler room of an IT infrastructure.

As cloud computing and scripting languages like Chef and Puppet mature, IT will captain the ship, predicted conference attendees and presenters.

An especially resonant quote from a book called The Phoenix Project was recited from the keynote stage on Thursday morning to drive home this point: “Any COO who doesn’t intimately understand the IT systems that actually run the business is just an empty suit.”


It’s easy to dismiss all this talk as self-serving posturing, but in an increasingly Web-based world, it happens to be true. Consumers now interact with businesses through mobile and Web interfaces much more often than on a sales floor or over the phone. And when was the last time a new startup opened up a storefront without a Web presence? It simply isn’t done these days.

No, now the keys to the castle belong to your company’s computer guy. Let’s hope you’ve been nice to him.

It’s also easy to get bogged down in the intricacies of cookbooks, recipes, the finer points of erlang vs. Ruby, Chef vs. Puppet, DevOps vs. traditional operations, at a conference like this. The bottom line, though, is that it’s all a means to the end of making the current world economy work.

Heady stuff. Let’s hope IT wields its newfound power only for good.

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