Data Center Apparatus

March 2012

  • Cloud computing? How about Earth computing?

    Alex Barrett - Modern Infrastructure Editor-in-Chief 28 Mar 2012
  • Whenever I look up a see a beautiful sky with puffy clouds I think, "That's where my iTunes are." I read this tweet from filmmaker Albert Brooks the other day, and it made me laugh, because, ...

  • We're doing lots of science, but we can't store the results

    Erin Watkins - TechTarget 28 Mar 2012
  • Last year's flooding in Thailand was a terrible reminder of what nature can do. Besides affecting millions of lives, it destroyed businesses and factories and left the rest of the world with an ...

  • Hack the memeframe, er, mainframe

    Tom Walat - Site Editor 21 Mar 2012
  •  The shrinking number of workers who can program and administer a mainframe, sometimes referred to as the “red-haired stepchild of IT,” are members of an exclusive club with a language and sense of ...