• November 04, 2005 04 Nov'05


    An assembler is a program that takes basic computer instructions and converts them into a pattern of bits that the computer's processor can use to perform its basic operations.  Continue Reading

  • November 04, 2005 04 Nov'05

    Guide to virtualization: News, expert advice and interviews

    With last week's annoucement that Red Hat is going to include Xen, its open source virtualization tool, in its next major release, the steadily growing influence of virtualization reached another plateau. And all the major players are upping the ...  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    Teraplex (Teraplex Integration Center)

    Teraplex (short for Teraplex Integration Center) is the name IBM has given to its 'real life' testing centers whose purpose is to allow IBM customers and business partners to test very large database (VLDB) applications on a full-scale basis by ...  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    Job Entry Subsystem (JES)

    Job Entry Subsystem (JES) is a subsystem of the OS/390 and MVS mainframe operating systems that manages 'jobs' (units of work) that the system does. Each job is described to the operating job control language (JCL).  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)

    RACF (Resource Access Control Facility) is the IBM security management product for its mainframe (large server) operating system, OS/390 (MVS) as well as for its VM operating system.  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05


    SuperZap is an IBM utility program used to install zaps or fixes to MVS operating systems or application program code that is causing a problem.  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05


    Rexx is an interpreted script language developed by IBM originally for use by personal users of large operating systems.  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage)

    MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) is IBM's best-known operating system for mainframe and large server computers.  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    z990 (T-Rex)

    The z990, also known by its code name T-Rex, is a 64-bit mainframe computer from IBM that contains 32 processors, together capable of executing approximately 9,000 million instructions per second (MIPS), nearly three times the processing power...  Continue Reading

  • November 03, 2005 03 Nov'05

    job step

    In certain computer operating systems, a job step is part of a job, a unit of work that a computer operator (or a program called a job scheduler) gives to the operating system.  Continue Reading