• October 31, 2005 31 Oct'05

    brick server

    A brick server is a compact computer server module without a chassis that can come in various processor, RAM, I/O, and storage configurations and is designed to fit into rack locations similar to those for blade servers.  Continue Reading

  • October 31, 2005 31 Oct'05

    server blade

    A server blade is a thin, modular electronic circuit board containing one, two, or more microprocessors and memory, that is intended for a single, dedicated application (such as serving Web pages) and that can be easily inserted into a blade server...  Continue Reading

  • October 31, 2005 31 Oct'05

    Managing Samba: Windows network identity basics

    Linux administrators keen to manage Samba well should be just as keen on learning the basics of Windows network identity, says Samba team co-founder John H. Terpstra. Understanding Windows networking identity basics can make Samba management a lot ...  Continue Reading